Senior Transition Package

This has quickly become one of our most popular options for seniors. Many seniors graduate to a smaller home or living arrangement as they become wiser. Fred Wilson Auction Service LLC offers a one-stop shop to make the transition smooth and care-free. In a nutshell, Fred Wilson Auction Service LLC will help pack, move, and unpack the client into their new home. Once they have settled and are comfortable, we will return to the original home and turn everything else to cash. Trash removal, cleaning, painting, and general repair services are available as well.

Initial Consult

An experienced and qualified representative will meet with you and/or your family. They will then discuss your goals and what your concerns may be. Next, a brief walk-through will allow the rep to have an idea of the items to be moved and those to be sold.


After the representative has gathered all the information needed, we will generate a quote for review. If the quote is accepted, the agreements will be signed and the process can begin anytime. The time-line will be determined by you and based exclusive on your needs.


The Fred Wilson Auction Service LLC staff will pack everything you want to take to the new home. Then, the movers will carefully move all of your items into a moving van. The movers and packers will convene at the new home and unload / unpack your items. They will set-up your furniture, beds, cabinets, and closets just as you want them.


The remaining items will be sorted for auction. The marketable items will be sold and the items that are not marketable will be donated or disposed of. After the items have been removed, a cleaning will ensure that the home is market ready A quick paint job or small repair may help the home more attractive for a prospective buyer at auction.

Fred Wilson Auction Service LLC has helped clients make their transition all over the United States.

The package is offered as an a la carte. If there is any part of the process that friends or family can handle, we can offer a reduced price for less service. We want to make the entire process flow as smoothly as possible. We understand that the transition can be emotional and difficult, so the last thing that you need is a headache to deal with.

What Our Clients Say

Fred Wilson Auction Service was instrumental in helping my sister and I sell our house!  Not only does he have a stand up personality, he was incredibly accommodating as we both live across the country from him and the house we were selling!  He did everything in his power to make sure the process was seamless and hassle free for us!  He found ways to help us save money by eliminating excess paperwork!  FWAS is top notch with communicating the process of selling a house.  He knows EXACTLY what needed to be done and he took care of it!  We had a LOT of questions and he patiently responded to texts and emails almost immediately.  It was EASY to sell with him!  I cannot thank him and his team enough for helping us as much as they did.  I would HIGHLY recommend Fred Wilson Auction Services to help sell your home!