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I expressly acknowledge and agree to the following Terms and Conditions: 1. I have read, signed, and agree to be bound by, the Terms and Conditions of Participation for the Auction Sale of the above Property; 2. Two percent (2%) of the Bid Price(s) will be paid to a qualified Licensed Real Estate Broker (“Broker) whose registered Buyer’s offer(s) is accepted by the Seller and closes on the Property(s). To qualify for a commission, the Broker must first register their prospect on this MANDATORY REAL ESTATE BUYER BROKER PARTICIPATION REGISTRATION form. this form must be received by the office 24 hours prior to the auction. NO LATE REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Brokers/Agents are required to attend the auction with the registered client(s) as well as any open houses or private showings he/she attends. Prospects who have had previous contact with the auction company of the Seller are not eligible. Commissions will be paid only after closing and after Fred Wilson Auction Service LLC has been paid in full. If a cooperating Broker has not met all of these requirements, no commission will be paid to the cooperating Broker, even if the cooperating Broker’s client purchases the Property(s). No oral registrations will be accepted. Under no circumstances whatsoever will any commission be paid if the sale does not close for any reason. IF the total sales commission is reduced in order to negotiate a successful sale, the 2% Broker Participation will be reduced on an equal pro-rata basis. 3. The Licensed Real Estate Broker above acknowledges that it represents the Buyer, not the Seller, in the above referenced Auction and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Seller, and Fred Wilson Auction Service LLC from any claims, costs, and expenses, including attorney’s fees, arising out of any acts performed or representations made by them in connection with the participation at the Auction of the purchase and sale of the above references Property(s) purchased at the Auction or otherwise. By checking this box, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the Broker Acknowledgement above.

What Our Clients Say

I have been in the gallery business for 45 + years along with being the Managing Director of Fine Art for a major auction house. I have acquired paintings from every major auction house in the US, Europe and Canada. Having never purchased anything through Fred Wilson Auction Service until recently, I can honestly say that the experience was over the top from the Fred Wilson Auction Service App to Fred Wilson’s honesty and service. To give you an example, I left a High Bid on an item in his recent high end sale and bought the work at 1/3rd of my secret bid. After purchasing the painting, I received confirmation of the purchase and an invoice. “Trust” is the key word for my experience with Fred Wilson Auction Service.


Although I can’t promise that everyone will receive the exact shipping service that I did, I can say that Fred personally made sure that I received my acquisition in a timely manner. From experience, I can assure you that the most difficult task from most auction houses is to arrange delivery. What makes the difference when working with Fred Wilson Auction Service, is Fred answers the phone. 

Brian R.   Dallas, Texas