Effectively Reaching Your Bidders

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What Our Clients Say

Fred Wilson Auction Service was instrumental in helping my sister and I sell our house!  Not only does he have a stand up personality, he was incredibly accommodating as we both live across the country from him and the house we were selling!  He did everything in his power to make sure the process was seamless and hassle free for us!  He found ways to help us save money by eliminating excess paperwork!  FWAS is top notch with communicating the process of selling a house.  He knows EXACTLY what needed to be done and he took care of it!  We had a LOT of questions and he patiently responded to texts and emails almost immediately.  It was EASY to sell with him!  I cannot thank him and his team enough for helping us as much as they did.  I would HIGHLY recommend Fred Wilson Auction Services to help sell your home!