Gold & Silver Event #2

Disclaimer: Coin Condition and Grading

The coins presented herein are offered exactly as received from the consignor. We wish to make it explicitly clear that we do not assert any claims regarding the grading of these coins. The condition, appearance, and any inherent attributes of the coins are described solely based on our visual inspection and information provided by the consignor.

Any assessments, opinions, or representations regarding the numismatic grade or value of these silver coins are entirely subjective and not endorsed by us. We are not professional numismatists or coin graders, and therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any such statements. Numismatic grading involves a complex and often debatable process that requires expertise and experience.

The information and images presented are intended solely for informational and illustrative purposes. Interested parties are encouraged to conduct their own research, consult with certified numismatists, or utilize reputable grading services if they seek to accurately assess the condition or grade of these coins.

In no event shall we be liable for any claims, damages, losses, or expenses arising from reliance on the information provided or any misunderstandings regarding the condition or grading of the coins. All potential buyers or interested parties should exercise due diligence and proceed at their own risk when making any assessments or decisions related to the coins presented.

Please be aware that the value and collectibility of numismatic items can be significantly influenced by factors beyond mere physical condition, such as historical significance, rarity, provenance, and market trends.

By engaging with the information and images provided, you acknowledge and accept the terms of this disclaimer, understanding that any assessments or attributions related to the condition or grading of the silver coins are not our claims or endorsements but rather reflect the information available to us at the time of presentation.

This is an ONLINE ONLY AUCTION, bidding will begin closing at a rate of 3 lots per minute with a one minute auto-extend. This means that if a bid is placed within one minute of auction closing for an item, the item will auto extend for 1 minute until no more bids are placed within the last minute.

Payment: A 16% Buyer's Premium will be added to each purchase, regardless of payment method. A $1.00 authorization hold will be used to verify a credit card, the hold will be released once credit card is verified. Payment is due immediately at the conclusion of the auction. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. NO CHARGE-BACKS

Technology Disruptions: Auctioneer will not be responsible for technology disruptions, errors, or failures (including disruptions to bidding or the failure to execute, recognize, or record online bids), whether caused by (i) loss of connectivity, breakdown, disruption, or failure of the Online Auction Platform, (ii) breakdown, disruption, or failure of a Bidder's internet connection, computer, or system, or (iii) otherwise. Auctioneer may, but will not be required to continue, suspend, delay, extend, reschedule, or close the Auction because of disruptions caused by technology failures, even after bidding has commenced. Sales Tax- Virginia Sales Tax will be charged on all items unless the Bidder provides a valid sales tax exemption form. Bidders who wish to claim a sales tax exemption MUST provide a copy of ST-10 Tax- Exemption Certificate PRIOR to placing any bids. Copy of ST-10 can be emailed to Pickup: All items must be picked up during scheduled pick up times, Any items not picked up during the designated pick up times will be deemed abandoned and will revert back to us with no refunds. Please bring paid sales receipt to pick up items. No Merchandise will be removed from auction site without payment. THANK YOU AND HAPPY BIDDING! For any questions please contact Fred Wilson at 757-328-0499

  •   Mar 21 @ 9:00am EDT (Start)
  •   Apr 1 @ 7:00pm EDT (End)
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